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Posted by: Will Mail author
02/25/2012, 11:45:25

Hi Bulaste,

I should have replied earlier, but I couldn't figure out the images in your initial pics and I overlooked the clearer ones that David reconfigured. These are interesting-looking beads and I'l like to see them still more clearly. Also the dimensions. I'm a bit puzzled by the way in which the pattern on some of them seems to be encrusted on top of the stone. In my own experience this does sometimes occur with etched beads but I haven't seen it to this degree. Is it possible to get a close-up which shows the etched line as it bites into the surface?

For comparison, I'll attach a photo of a bead (which I showed here a few years ago) that came with a group from the Indus Valley - therefore third millennium BCE. Though I'm pretty sure about the dating on most of the beads on the string, I couldn't swear to this one; it could be later - say, first millennium BCE. It's an interesting bead because it seems as though the beadmaker intended the etched line to be white but the stone got too hot and it turned black - except in one spot that remained white. The bead is 16 mm. long.

And, Jeff, you have some great beads there. I'd love to see some more pics.

Best regards,


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