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Posted by: bulaste Mail author
03/03/2012, 08:39:00

Hi Will, thanks for the reply again,
My initial post was meant more as an introduction to myself than a comment on these beads. I didn't mean to imply that these beads are from nepal or tibet. They are reportedly from the border of afghanistan & pakistan. I know they came to N.A. from pakistan originally but have no reason to trust the pakistani source particularly.
I feel they are authentic based soley on observation of the beads themselves.
I would be quite suspicious as well looking at some of the images I posted but having the beads in hand with a good loupe & microscope is a different story. I have handled a good number of etched himalayan beads sourced before the reproductions appeared & am familliar with the characteristics of the authentic old beads.
Having said that I'm less aquainted with the reproductions, I've seen some obvious fakes & a few that are good enought that I could not say with certainty one way or the other.These beads if forged are good enough for me to say 95% certainty they are authentic. Many of the beads singularly I would not say so but as a group I would.
I am more than open to opinions & maybe someday will revive the post on page one but for now am about to embark on a trip skiing from manali to kaza & will not be around computers for some time.


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