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Posted by: Will Mail author
03/02/2012, 13:49:44

Hi again Bulaste,

Sorry again for being slow to reply. I didn't realise the thread was still alive. Thanks for the additional photos; they're much better. These are some very attractive beads, but I'm not sure about their authenticity. I think anyone who says they can be sure on the basis of single images is also to be doubted. But some of these last six - the bottom one in the first post and the top ones in posts 2 and 3 - do seem rather similar to beads I've seen from sellers I don't trust.

Having said that, I wouldn't want to trust my own judgement either! I've handled a lot of Indus Valley and islamic period etched beads and a great many from Southeast Asia, but I have very little experience with beads from Tibet and Nepal. Why don't you post them again in a new thread at the top of page one? It would be good, for instance, to get a response from Bob Brundage who has a fabulous collection - there are some of his beads in the Tibet chapter in Robert Liu's Collectible Beads and also in Jamey Allen's article on Dzi in Arts of Asia.



PS: I really like the look of that faceted polka-dot bead; I've never seen one before.

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