What is this bead? Any ideas? Please. :) And questions re: Silver
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Posted by: Anne0135 Mail author
03/24/2012, 09:57:26

This is a brown gemstone set in silver that I cant identify. I have exaggerated the contrast some the one of the photos just so you can see detail.

Also there appears to be paint or something on it- how do I get that off? And, what is the best way that you use to identify silver? I've tried all the tests (acid, magnet, scrape off small area to see if you can detect any copper- I dont have any confidence in any of them. Do you?)

Since these are artisan pieces they arent stamped but this looks to me like real silver, not silver plate.

Any advice is as always appreciated! Thanks so much

brown_beed_in_silver_pendant.jpg (13.2 KB)  brown_beed_in_silver_pendant_2.jpg (21.5 KB)  

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