an exception to the magnet test
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Posted by: birdi Mail author
03/25/2012, 09:39:40

Apparently most, if not all, sterling silver clasps available in recent history have some ferrous metals in the mechanism, so they nearly all attract to the magnet at the clasp location. I've been told it is the hinge and pivot on the clasp that has been made stronger with non silver metals. The clasps are marked 925, but they slightly attract to magnets. I just roll my eyes at that, but it's the current reality.

Anyway, I have decided for myself to not resell as silver any item not marked 925 or sterling. If it is not marked, I just call it 'silver tone' and describe it the best I can. I employ the magnet test to eliminate some 925 marked items that might be frauds, and try to do so BEFORE I made the purchase.

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