Thnx Stephany, thats sounds about right. Birdie, re: silver
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Posted by: Anne0135 Mail author
03/25/2012, 05:51:01

I'd been TOLD the magnet test has been totally discredited- for a while I relied on it totally- but the way you describe it seems you can get some good information. RIght now the silver polish method is what I'm using! (I cant tell you how many silver pieces I ruined using brasso first. It was probably silver plate that came of leaving a nice copper sheen. Yuck.

What do you think of the acid tests? Have you ever used them? You know, how DOES a jewelry or appraiser determined whether you have silver? What do THEY use?

Btw- anyone ever try the Guldens Mustard Test? That;s another one but it just tells you if there is silver. The issue really is purity, imo.

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