Stephany. You think Jasper? I have more questions
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Posted by: Anne0135 Mail author
04/02/2012, 10:09:56

First I wouldnt be surprised. My aunt seemed to be in love with Jasper which frankly I dislike immensely. Do you think this stone was polished and cut? Because whenever I see jasper it always looks rough.
Sorry if I', offending any Japer lovers here maybe I'M missing something!

I have come to think of Jasper as another work for "junk"? Am I mistaken? I just see it used so many times to desribe any stone thats just full of stuff and doesnt appear to be anything else.
Can anyone enlighten me on this Jasper thing? I could google it, and I will, but I prefer to hear your opinions, of course.
Thanks so much!

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