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Posted by: Anne0135 Mail author
03/29/2012, 12:03:37

Joyce, thanks for the link to the video, It was excellent. This is the acid that I use (If the link doesnt work put in Item #.)

And what the tester showed is exactly what happens- only I rub the silver onto a granite stone they provide, so I dont ruin the silver.

So I guess it is somewhat conclusive. The other thing I do is take a nail and dig down to see it there is ANY copper at all. Believe me, only on a very not visible location and I make a very small "scrape." I was just amazed that things I thought were junk actually showed the deep red- so thought this cant be right. But yeah, it just might be.

Also, good advice in selling antiques- not to get too specific about the silver content its more the age and the history. If someone is looking to melt an antique down for silver well...what can I say>

Also, amazing to learn how the Chinese make fakes and how many of them there are out there! Americans must look like complete idiots but caveat emptor? no? That is proof after all they've discovered capitalism.

Thank you all, great lessons. As usual!

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