Good or bad taste: that is the question.
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01/12/2016, 03:38:08

Our peerless Frederick II has recently made a comment related to this issue. It seems to me at once of import and amusing.
Feeling playful, I am submitting pics of a couple of projects, asking my fellow Forumites to decide whether thay are examples of bad or good taste.

The first one is a bracelet made of spherical beads of rodhocrosite from Argentina vaguely reminiscent of boiled ham -- aren't they? -- strung on silicon, with 1,65 cm long gilded silver drum shaped beads.

The second, still at an early stage, will (would?) be a pendant made of a salvaged antique carved MOP Chinese element -- its size: 9,5 cm x 6,7 cm x 1,2 cm. The pencil drawing points to a frame of (perhaps gilded) silver scrolls, inset with mother of pearl.

Now the formal question: how good or bad taste are they?

PS.-One of my old-time friends, a French New-Ager I met in Marrakesh in 1970 (if I rightly remember) almost insulted me yesterday evening, after he saw the second project displayed on my workshop's table top.

rodhocrosite-12-01-16.jpg (93.9 KB)  mop1.jpg (44.3 KB)  

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