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01/15/2016, 01:11:28

Dear Nishedha,

I feel honored that you have asked me to say something about these two examples of your work.

I know I would have a hard time trying to sell these two necklaces. So what? In any case, the best examples of your work are superior to almost anything others could create.

Each of us has made necklaces we are not proud of. Having great beads to work with is not going to insure a successful design. In my case, a good design takes a great deal of time -often with a lot of help from my friends. I am a dealer who collects a little. Occasionally, I feel forced to put a necklace together to wear to a talk. Sometimes, I am particularly proud of a group of beads and feel inspired to work with them. But I seldom string beads just for the fun of it because it is torturous for me. So I take classes and rely upon feedback from those with much more experience. I am only satisfied when others agree that the design works.

I respect your humility. I would be relieved to learn that these feelings of self doubt may be universal -even with the most talented. Because I don't want to suffer alone. Nishedha, everyone agrees you are the best designer on BCN. In a recorded interview, I have heard Georgio Armani say that only fifty percent of his designs are commercially successful, if that is a proper gage for good design. Frankly, I think I am unlikely to sell any of my designs because I have too much time and money in them. Almost all of my necklaces will probably have to be parted out for their precious bits and pieces -to sell to other collector/designers who have scissors in their eyes and money in their pockets.

Perhaps the book you have been reading on creativity is instigating painful introspection. Please tell us what you are being advised in Julia Cameron's course (curse?) "The Artist's Way."

Your biggest fan,
Just Fred

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