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01/15/2016, 01:22:51

Taste is then a nonentity, it does not exist, except in the eyes of the beholder, something purely whimsical, a word with no backing concept, devoid of sense, even politically incorrect: potentially a fertile ground for clashes of assertive individuals...
And as suspect words often are as well, an opportunity for mere dialectical discourse and rethorical questions. As an example, this Coco Chanel's quote :"Good taste ruins certain true spiritual values; such as taste itself"-- Coco Chanel: top- most icon of the world-wide much celebrated French "chic", Good Taste manifested in the flesh! Perhaps should we ponder whether she wasn't right after all; perhaps just fashionable...

Summarizing: good taste looks like a mere side effect of succes, while the wastelands of bad taste would be the proper place for misfits to stay put.
Which could be said of so many basic words, beauty a related one: a soap bubble, a myth.

Still, I do not feel the thread happy-ended.

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