I wouldn't define myself as a man of good taste.
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01/13/2016, 00:56:45

I chose creativity instead!
Yes, it IS a joke: alas!,I am currently under the spell of Julia Cameron's course (curse?) "The Artist's Way".
Besides,I believe the real creator is as much a beholder as any outsider, even a more qualified one (if only he/she is able to stand aloof from his/her work).
My favorite works of art are often anonymous.
If you make a Google>Images search for "Bad Taste", you will be suprised at how narrow the range of themes in this cathegory is -- mostly gross or gore. Easy, but unaccurate.
To define or point at "Good Taste" is harder still. Probably because there is NOT such a thing as good taste. Your beauty is in my eyes, not anywhere else (except perhaps in our neighbour's). If you do now the same Google>Images experiment for "Good Taste" as before for "Bad Taste", you will see the words meaning basically confined to tongue-related issues.
Burping at table would be enough to made you a nonentity for life in our familiar,elegant circles, while NOT to do it after dinner would be considered bad manners among many Middle Easterners -- just an example among so many.
I am confident we could find traits agreed to be of either good, or bad, or neutral taste everywhere on Earth, any time in History, after searching deep enough... A scheduled task and/or a proposed thread: select and show good taste beads and bad taste beads.

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