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07/27/2019, 11:59:36

Hi Walter,

Almost all of the green hardstone beads that occur at Neolithic/Bronze/Iron Age sites in Southeast Asia are simple green quartz. Generally, it's much less common than brown-veined agate and carnelian. In sites around Lopburi, it seems to have been especially valued for the manufacture of bangles. Ear ornaments (see the one on the left in the attached photo) and sometimes beads were made from the residue that remained.

However, I'm doubtful about the assertion that your bead is actually from Lopburi. I've seen thousands of beads from that region, but never one in such an elongated biconical shape. BIconical beads themselves are rare and, in my experience as well as in the published reports, when they do appear they're invariably more squat in form.

Yours seems to me to be closer to the shape of agate and carnelian beads from northern India.


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