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07/27/2019, 19:51:46

Hello Will

Yes I do agree with about archeological records would truly have lots of information about the cultures and the people who produced them.

Are the beads in the book I mentioned, that you know about, is this collection fake?? Are the beads illustrated ancient??

I really would like to read more about these different cultures in SEA and their interactions between India and Nepal. I have read only a few articles but they have all been just amazing that so many researchers have such a vast amount of knowledge and history.

If you can point me to any written publications on the Lopburi area or better yet Thailand in General.

I am just a junior novice having fun learning about some of my old beads.

I also have enjoyed your posts. You share a lot of information on BCN as well as your pictures.

Hey Will again thanks for sharing
from Walter

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