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Hello Will

I truly agree from a photograph many of the finer points are just not able to be captured in a photograph.

That being said, I appreciate your knowledge and sharing of that knowledge with me, a new novice as far as understanding the importance given to beads today in understanding the ancient cultures who made them. I have had some of my beads since the 1970's, DZi 1985, Pumteks just by chance they came to me or me to them.

Yes I can understand how some collectors wanting to advance their collections would publish a book.
I have published several book on baskets for presentation to the tribes of baskets for their collections. These books were only intended for the tribes own possession. Never for sale.

I will do some looking for the books mentioned and for the authors you provided. Yes I did find one artilce for free download pdf. Very nice.
Actually just went to Abes books and found 2 by Higham and the other book as well. Got a first edition hardcover. Looking forward to their coming from Germany.

What I find very interesting is the advent of the use of diamond chips in the drilling process.

Do you attend Santa Fe, Tucson or San Francisco Ethno shows??

I have a home in Santa Fe the last 25 years and will attend the ethno show for the first time. I was very active in the Antique Indian Art never was a vendor just a buyer for the tribes in So California. What a wonderful job. I was a long time member of ATADA Antique Tribal Art Dealers Ass. 2002 thru 2016. I am still active with the tribes.

Tucson I have not been to since 2001 I was active with a vendor from AGATA American Gem Traders Ass.

If you attend any of these shows please advise, as I am looking forward to meeting you to show you some interesting beads I have.
best regards
sincerely from Walter

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