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07/28/2019, 07:53:59

Hello Will

Can you share the names of any of these Thai collectors books??

Is there a reason in the Archeological Records, that they do not show these fancy type beads presented in these Collector's Books??

Again referencing the book in question, they have a whole section dedicated to Adventurine.

I would post pictures from the book showing similarities between my bead and the beads in the book, but I believe they are under copyright??

I am going to see if I can contact the author to get permission to post some pictures of his beads and I will include if I get permission to post, I will put in a foot note that some locations may not be correct.

I would appreciate any and all help Will since you spend so much time in Thailand, and you know the collector books. Please let me have some names of the books and maybe I can have a friend in BK locate the books for me.

again many thanks in advance for your help and your sharing of information is based on many many years of researching the cultures, peoples, manufacture of the beads.

sincerely from

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