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03/07/2019, 04:16:35

Hi All, I am unpacking crates of beads from a recent move and came across strands of Pumtek beads that I purchased in the early 1990's up by the Burmese border and also in Northern Thailand. The strands are varied, and none resemble the next to my eye.I have looked over some of the published material on Old VS new VS Pumtek from India...however I am still not clear. So I'm going to attempt to post a few pics- if I can figure out how, and get some feedback please. Thank you ahead of time

Honestly- no clue how to post these pics so am doing one TEST pics
OK It seems to work as copy & paste, but NOT trying to do that.

Yikes my Son is going to have to help me figure this out.

For me it's working now just to click the link, so I hope this will work...








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