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Hi I had the same trouble, though I found one album that I believe had one or two photos. Perhaps he has a second older FB? Or??


Just tell us how to negotiate your FP Pics and I'll happily look again! I did find LOTS of Info with wonderful Pics in Was Blown Away by by the 8/17/2008 post you made speaking on and sharing some special Pumtek beads that Russ Nobbs shared with you-(may he be Resting in beaded Peace).

They were large oblong beads that only had designs on the fossil palm wood areas, and the other was a light Opalized material- where opal had been laid maybe in the split of the wood (no dots or grain like some Pumtek, at least where "white", and section resisted being decorated. A lovely effect! If I ever get ahead financially I must have some of these beads!!

Beadman 8/18/2008:

more from same page by Hendrick 8/18/2008:

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