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03/10/2019, 13:15:46

Hello Anne,

I recommend a search here, as I have posted multiple times on pumtek beads—having been the first American bead researcher to see, collect, and study them. Also, read my article posted here, about ancient Burmese beads, that are called Pyu or Tircul

Here's one series:

Also, if you go to my FaceBook page, you can find a long series of posts, where I show most of my pumtek collection—including antique specimens/necklaces, and the modern editions from the 1990s and later.

By the way, pumtek beads are not "from India." They were made in Burma (whether old or recent). However, the beads we began to receive in 1983 came to us from Mizoram, India—because that is where the Burmese tribal people who had pumtek beads had emigrated.

Be well, Jamey

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