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03/07/2019, 21:58:18

Dear Odan, Thank you for your most helpful reply and examples.

Several questions for you and anyone else that cares to assist:

1.) Are the three oblong beads in the left photo "New", Pumtek but just not really old Pumtek? Imitation Pumtek as in made recently in India from some other substance?

2.) Yes I can see the nice wear and surface luster on the three oblong beads on the right- and I am glad you are showing this as I am familiar with what Old glass beads look like, and signs of being worn/strung, and rubbing next to other beads for many decades or longer. However as far a "Opalized Palmwood" I have no clue as to how hard it is, or how to tell when you are looking at genuine Opalized Palmwood?... Which leads me to my next question:

3.) I am noticing online from probably 5 sellers claiming Burmese Pumtek or Pyu Pumtek that the surfaces look a certain way: dots and also a linear pattern that is a grain of the material (NOT the SURFACE SCRATCHES from maker's marks). Do the dots/lines indicate REAL Opalized Palmwood material?? Assuming Pyu Pumtek relates to the Pyu City States of upper Burma 2nd Century BC to mid 11th C and that this Pyu Pumtek is the Oldest and therefore most valuable?

4.) also Assuming there are various ages of genuine Opalized Palmwood- from Ancient to Antique but still Genuine? Is this correct? What do you go by to differentiate the relative age of the OLD. I know you pointed out obvious wear at the bead hole, and patina. Are there patterns and shapes only seen in certain time groups also?

I am going to take more photos soon. Those were a few pics from a few odd loose beads or a few strung beads where we were trying to see the core material if chipped or the surface patterns with a macro. I am seeing multiple beads that may be possibilities for being genuinely Old and worn- and it's funny because they are in sacks that I thought contained the newer "Pumtek". So far every strand is different, though some are "mixed" looks like. But we'll see what they look like under scrutiny.

Thank you so much, you've been very helpful. Your beads, BTW are very beautiful.

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