Warring states?
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Posted by: Floorkasp Mail author
04/06/2014, 03:46:15

At the moment I am in Beijing, part of a long trip through Asia. Went to the big antiques market here, Panjiayuan. It is know for it's fakes, and for lots of beads used for religious purposes. Jade, turquoise, agates, Zi beads, more than you ever seen together.
Struggling with posting pictures, as I did not bring my laptop.
Here is one I wanted to show you though. Between the many many fakes, I saw this beads, which to me looks like a genuine Warring States Period bead. Any thoughts on it? Did not buy it, but I am tempted..... It was translucent bright blue, and it had one or two eyes missing. The hole was big, and parts of the dots appear to have the typical decay.
Sorry about the fingers in the picture.....

88_image.jpg (80.2 KB)  

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