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Posted by: Floorkasp Mail author
04/07/2014, 04:07:39

It is tricky to get into a new type of beads, as you are less likely to get it right the first time. The signs on this one were good, when it comes to context. This dealer had no (very) obvious fakes, and some other interesting genuine beads that I do recognize. Some Venetian millefioris, some Islamic eye beads and a genuine 7 layer chevron bead.

There are many obvious fake Warring States beads to be found on this market, and this was the only one of this type I could see.

I am off to Shanghai at the end of the week, where the glass museum has an exhibit on the Warring State beads, aka dragonfly eye beads. Perhaps after that exhibit, I will know more. Also, in Tucson, I was able to touch and inspect up close Bassem's Warring States beads, which is a good way to get to know them.

I know it's kinda not done on here, but if there is anyone who could give me somewhat of a pricerange for a bead like this, I would appreciate it. There are a few Warring States for sale, but they are all (I think) the other type with some type of faience or ceramic?

Any one who knows more about the pebble type stone beads?

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