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04/07/2014, 14:14:57

This type of bead has always been a bit of an enigma to me. I purchased several of them many years ago during the construction of the Three Gorges Dam, a time when many ancient items from China were slipping out of the country. Unfortunately it was also a great time for the selling of fake beads. Believe me the Chinese artists (at least some of them) are incredible at making the new look old.

The ones I bought came from an impeccable source in Hong Kong, that is the only reason that I bought them. I believe that this particular type, the kind where the white portion of the decoration appears to "fall out" while the remaining blue elements remain, are at least to some extent authentic. Are there fakes out there that look similar? It would not surprise me. Are they definitely Warring States period, that I cannot be entirely sure of, but I do believe mine at least were ancient Chinese glass beads and likely Warring States. If you write me directly, I will be willing to discuss prices and values.


see some examples below:

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