Documenting the Naomi Lindstrom Collection
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03/21/2013, 02:10:10

If you were a beautiful, blue eyed, natural blonde looking for a job in the 1950's, what would you do? Would you choose work which would enable you to circle the globe several times each year? Would you spend your free time shopping for beads? One bright flight attendant working for Pan Am Airlines did just that. Naomi Lindstrom is her name.

Last night Jamey Allen present this world class collection. And after thirty something years, he continues to curate and design for her.

I asked Naomi if she was selling. She says "No, but I am interested in buying more"!

Naomi is shown on the left with her sister. And here are a few images from "the tip of the iceberg."

1._Naomi_&_Sister.jpg (97.4 KB)  2.Jamey.jpg (117.6 KB)  

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