Money and collecting
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Posted by: Floorkasp Mail author
03/21/2013, 03:52:41

Sometimes I am very happy that I am still fairly new to collecting. There are still plenty of beads that are cheap that are interesting to me. I love a good strand of Prosser beads or some mixed Venetian trade beads. There are for example so many fancy beads that I do not have, even the plain ones, that any mixed strand is interesting. I presume that over time, I may become more picky. Now, the most expensieve single beads I have bought are a 7 layer chevron bought in Morocco, and a Jatim bead from Indonesia.
And many of my most cherished beads were actually gifts.
My house is worth about 150.000 USD, So I guess that equals 2 3-eye Zi beads? ;-)

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