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Posted by: tofsla Mail author
03/21/2013, 09:56:55

As everything else, you have to answer it to yourself - why you collecting beads. if reason for your collections - is having something historically significant and beautiful, something you want to look at and enjoy - then current price and future price is NO concern to you. As many pointed out - there are plenty of beads to buy and enjoy.

However, there are many other reasons to collect beads and this is just short list: portable wealth/investment; protection/magical qualities (some of us have very strong religious believes); piece of our own history/history of our families,friends; etc. etc. etc.. And depending on what is more important for you - price appreciation can be more or less or no concern to you.

I personally have very specific interest, in very specific bead types, that come from very specific are of the Planet, where me and my family current and future home is and will be, so i dont even know if I can call myself collector...

I don't have ANY beads from Africa or Venetian Trade Beads, or Roman Glass or American beads or beads from Indonesia, and have no plans to have them. They just don't interest me, but your and my interests are different, and this is good thing!

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