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Posted by: tofsla Mail author
03/21/2013, 03:29:56

You right about high end, but I think its ONLY in relative terms... Let me illustrate it with something i know well

Say in 1989, 35-40mm 2eyes gzi will cost you 1K USD and 3eyes of same size and same conditions will cost you 5K... Today it will be 30K vs 75K i.e. 30 times vs only 15 times. so there is clear true in what you saying relatively speaking, but in absolute term its still mind boggle numbers!

My feeling that bargains come in some very obscure areas of bead collecting, something that totally under radar of everyone. I am sure every area of bead collecting has something like this - obscure, unloved, little known (no matter what you collecting - stone, metal or glass). This where bargains to be found - but its not going to be low end or high end, it will be something in medium price range.

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