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08/01/2023, 17:35:15

Hi Stef,

In my ongoing research, there is an class of ancient eye beads, that are found in several places in the world. They are typically dark blue and white, and are millefiori eye beads. These beads inspired reproductions, OR one might say there are different/probably-later versions of them.

I refer to these products as "Bead-Zero." These beads and the beads that were inspired by bead-zero, can be seen in Scandinavia, West Africa, Egypt and Western Asia, and around Island SE Asia.

At Java, both bead-zero beads AND local versions of them can be seen. However, the jatim versions of bead-zero were made the same way as other jatim—-which is to say they were hot-pinched from prepared canes with millefiori decoration.

You remark that the bead we are discussing "looks like a Javanese bead." However, it is necessary to see the end view of such a bead, to make a judgement of what it is or may be. And we cannot see the end view in Giorgio's strand.

In the context of Java, both bead-zero specimens AND jatim versions exist side-by-side (in terms of the bead marketplace.

So you are correct that Giorgio's beads "looks like a Javanese bead." But that is not an indication that it is a jatim (if that was your intent—which is how I read it). You could just as easily say, 'your bead looks like many eye beads, including look-alike beads from various industries, and also including recent reproductions of jatim'--and that would be an apt statement.

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