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09/01/2023, 14:51:19

This is a photo from an online seller. These are described as "Java jatim replicas."

They are not really that.

These are new Javanese glass millefiori beads--but they do not "replicate" jatim. This is just an example of a casual seller, who doesn't distinguish between reproductions of jatim, and the production of other products from the same or similar Javanese industries, that attempt to copy other beads.

In this instance, the prototype is not a jatim--but rather is a Bead-Zero rolled-pad bead.

As far as I know, no one, including Javanese beadmakers, technically reproduces rolled-pad beads. So this is an IMITATION, or "inspired-by" bead.

This seller offers these beads in two sizes, being 15mm and 18mm (I am assuming these are their diameters. Once again, the seller is casual.)

I think we should compare these beads to Giorgio's bead. And, of course, I think Stefany's observation holds water.


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