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10/10/2015, 06:45:01

So what you are saying is: You are trying to jump into the bead business and you wanted this forum to validate your beads. You had your source send you some beads and you thought they were authentic. Then without your permission your source invests millions of his PKR into beads he and you had no firm knowledge of. Now he loses his land and his house and you want to know if you should crush or burn the beads. And all of this because somebody on this forum gave you a link of a bead subject that has been discussed in detail in the past. You call your source a stupid man, yet you blame the forum because it has a "do not sell banner"....My take is this: You showed some beads hoping to get validation and requests to buy, the response disappointed you because most of your beads are questionable to say the least, you went on another forum to try your luck there, the response is the same there, you realize you are jumping into something that you have little knowledge in and now you are looking to blame someone for your shortcomings. You and I have had NO dealings, yet YOU told ME that I was not welcome to post in the other forum....yet you cry about maltreatment. I have been doing this for many years, it is not a "get rich quick" business, as it seems you had hoped. It takes years of learning, years of buying and collecting beads, sometimes losing money along the way...If you were to use this forum as a tool for research, you would have found most of your answers already published...but that would have required time and effort on your part.....instead you threw the beads out for evaluation and you were not happy with the response...then you wanted to hurt feelings to get revenge....when the forumites responded with kindness, you decided to remain, when I pointed out facts (without criticizing you in any way) you lashed out again in anger, accusing this forum of the demise of an entire family and their land.....I could go on and on but that would serve no purpose. I'm sorry you dragged me into this! I hope, for your sake, if you choose to continue in your bead endeavors, you use this forum and all it has to offer

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