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10/10/2015, 08:34:37

That stupid guy is more than a decade old friend of mine who introduced me minerals from Northern areas, TRUTH is I cannot disagree with YOU or Beadman in all aspects regarding beads expertise, knowledge and people dealing in beads because YOU are expert and I am not,
i never was interested in bead business neither i am, these beads were put on my table to help someone out urgently, I am telling everything as i was told till today, anyway, as he is coming day after tomorrow this bead stuff will be returned back to him,

but i'm rather kinda inspired if what these beads are for, could make someone humiliated in a moment, on the other hand make someone favorite,

i don't want to be in this bead stuff anymore....bad experience

So as my posts and photos which definitely are not authentic should better be deleted so as my account and all my data should be erased, i have no reasons to be remain a BCN member anymore and again i apologize for any act that disheartened anyone here by me,

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