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10/10/2015, 03:43:16

Listen folks
i never had any sort of interactions nor i have with anyone in this world, don't know why people so in agony?
have i used abusive language anywhere? or posted uncalled for remarks for anyone belonging to BCN or any other forum?
and you people what should i call a tribe of pendants, changing your statements every now and then. prior to criticizing others look at your selves...
people here might be champ of playing games with other's feelings but i am not, its sad, so sad how you treat users here.
yes i have read Beadman and Tasart's posts and really admired their knowledge and expertise and later i joined this BCN.

But you forgot i was desperately posting multiple beads and asking for experts?
your experts showed their presence here by posting links and remembering past..did any expert came out of dismissiveness or bother to ask me why i'm doing so? i got hurt though

Now the truth is, my source man sent me a parcel of ancient beads and i told him they are good even as i was not expert in beads, but that stupid source man bought whole lot of beads worth millions of pkr from a tribal person without any of my consent and letting me know, in a very short term of paying money....

i needed to ask the authenticity and worth of those beads, if i could have done some better for helping to save the source man and his family from crises.
But this banner " This forum is not to be used for sales or political commentary" bind me to ask further,
i later tried to post them in classified but in vain, where were the experts then?

but here everybody was trying to prove them fake without asking any further evidences, as now i have learned a bit more about beads, only few were fakes.

Now the harm is done that guy has lost everything his small land and house in order to compensate, what would i do to those beads, should i burn them or crush them under my foot?

i do not like This forum anymore, i had a wish to decorate it with so many unique beads and artifacts meanwhile once,

yes i was embarrassed because i really had a respect for experts like Beadman and Tasart here, so i firstly asked for my removal but now i dont wan't to be here no more at all

Admin kindly remove me from this BCN, remove all my data and posts from here,

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