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10/10/2015, 09:08:27

First of all there are very few true experts in the bead world, I am not one, I can guarantee that personally! I am a generalist with a lot of experience, years of collecting and years of studying the beads.
Anyone with a passion for the beads can do the same....getting in the bead business for a quick dollar will backfire eventually....helping a friend by trying to sell his beads is admirable but there are better ways of helping, first of all being candid up front will get the best results in the long run, no hurt feelings, no humiliation etc....
I won't preach, just point out facts! This forum is full of very helpful and friendly people that love beads. This forum has checks and balances and can serve as a safety net for anyone wishing to use it as that. The combined experiences cannot be counted in mere years, there are many lifetimes of bead experiences on this forum! As you stated you were never interested to begin with, now you have a bad experience and you don't want to be in this bead stuff anymore! Just please don't blame the forum or the many people that tried to help you, chalk it up as a learning experience and who knows, maybe in the future, you may wish to learn more and participate in the way it was meant to be. I wish you luck!

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