I have two Authentic antique dzi beads and one antique red coral bead that I am looking to sell.
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09/20/2015, 11:08:00


I have two dzi beads and one red coral bead that I am looking to sell. I know somewhat of the prices on them so I am not looking to get scammed out on it but would still sell to a reseller. I have two pictures attached but if interested, even just out of curiosity, I would gladly send you more photos, just comment below I know the red coral bead is antique and rare because these came from a friends mom's collection, she had got them over 25 years ago. Also the bead is drilled for a necklace and you can see red all the way through. So if interested in purchasing just message me below and I can get you my personal information and we can go from there.


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