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Posted by: rubyzane Post Reply
09/21/2015, 15:01:28

perhaps it's my mood today, & I too know these are new beads. I just think his comments that you referred to could perhaps be because he was told this by someone he trusted. That's all. You are all such great educators with your knowledge & i know I've learned so much from you & others on this site. So, was just feeling he maybe would be open to learning as well. I obviously could be wrong. Sorry if you felt I was being accusatory towards you..That wasn't my intent. I just love when this forum is always welcoming to newbies, even if they do sound like they may know it all. I spent years just reading & not posting initially because I wanted to learn more before I did. Others may be different. I just want us all to accept everyone who is interested in this passion of ours. Thanks for hearing me out, and again, I apologize if you felt I was attacking you! Lynne

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