Re: Doesn't he deserve an explanation?
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09/21/2015, 13:42:46

if you read his quotes:"I know somewhat of the prices on them so I am not looking to get scammed out on it" and "I know the red coral bead is antique and rare" will see he is very matter of fact making some some very strong statements regarding the age and values! I, as well as a few other collectors here, can tell from the pictures that these are not old or authentic.....I am only making any potential buyers on this forum aware to beware of misrepresentation. There is plenty of info regarding what he shows readily available if one wishes to investigate further. He may sincerely not know they are newer beads of nominal value, no one is accusing him of fraud, my tone would sound much harsher if that were the case. BTW he is the only one that used the word scammed....

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