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10/22/2017, 05:57:56

Hi Abe,
Very interesting indeed!
There is a book, written by two french archeologist researchers, which is very interesting: Jean-Paul et Annie Lebeuf: Les arts des SAO, Cameroun, Tchad, Nigeria, édition Chêne.
I did take some pictures to show to you such beads.
But on the other hand, they make amulets which you can see on my site KIKASBEAD. The amulets show a very strong presence and have various form, human and animals. I have some beads but they are less impressive than these of the auction. But I show to you nevertheless because there were many various artefacts and some beads present an impressive size.
They made too bronze amulets and beads.

the_beads_from_the_book.jpg (233.6 KB)  DSC09400.jpg (55.1 KB)  

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