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Posted by: Andrea - Italy Mail author
08/08/2014, 23:01:58

Hi Shin Ji,

very thanks. Probably you and Jamey are the unique believe me here. Thanks also for your very interesting points I will study and reflect on them. Here I only update you (Jamey already know) about these beads. Feeling me still not sure with these, yesterday, I contacted the best Italian beads seller. I met him time ago and I bought from him the 8 genuine small dzi I've in my web store. Please to visit his store on eBay and you can understand he is a very big seller of beads (ID. paropamiso.gioielli). Well yesterday I asked him help about my 3 auctions about carnelian agate, I advise him that in the forum people say are modern fakes maybe, to be much careful, and today he replay to me saying everything is good and at good price and he places a bid on my first auction. What have I to think??? I really hope he won these and I really want to know his opinion after received



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