My humblest apologies.
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Posted by: lopacki Mail author
08/09/2014, 14:00:28

This is not the first time I have made a fool of myself but I hope it is the last, probably not.
I owe you an apology for my comments in an earlier post in this thread. I need to remember to be more trusting in my fellow man and this was an excellent lesson for me.
I had no business commenting on your beads and pretty much any of the old beads that are posted on BCN. I am a collector and not an expert on any beads other than the beads that I personally make.
Please accept my apologies and please continue to be a part of this wonderful forum. It is by far the best resource for information regarding beads on the internet. There are many people that are indeed expert in their own field of beads and more than a few that are overall bead experts.

My best regards ............ Danny

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