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Posted by: shinji Mail author
08/08/2014, 22:18:55

Hello Andrea

You are cool guy.(not only in the photo)
And I know you are not the man who is trying to sell fakes as antique.
I'm an antique dealer also.
So I understand your current feeling.

And I believe almost people in this forum already noticed that you are not the man who is trying to sell fakes as antique.

I can't judge your statues because I'm not an expert of them.
(They look good for me in person.)

Anyway I think that your carnelian beads are difficult home work to judge only from pictures.
So I may be wrong.

I feel there are two types of carnelian beads in your pictures.
One type(type A) is beads marked with green line.
Another(type B) is without green line.

Type A looks regular type of ancient etched Carnelian beads to me.
Type B looks irregular type to me.

Type B looks deferent from etched Carnelian beads which I have dealed with as ancient.
So I feel something strange on Type B.
It does not mean Type B is fake, because I don't know everything like you.
But if I were you,I don't buy type B to sell.
Beccause I can expect that many beads people will have same feeling with me.

I will post a picture of anceint Carnelian bead (which many people belive as ancient).
It's different from yours(type B).
Yours(type B) may have been made in diffrent place or different age in ancient age,but they(type B) look different from normal ancient one at least.
I think that is the reason why nobody can judge yours are ancient in this forum.

Please check them carefully with lupe.
Isn't there any difference between type A and type B?
(Of course Type B can be ancient as Jamey judged.)

Anyway Please don't leave this forum.
Your first post was very delicate matter...
But this forum is a great forum in beads world.
I'm sure this forum will help you as far as you deal with beads.


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