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Posted by: Andrea - Italy Mail author
08/09/2014, 01:13:16


I'm new here, for me you all are at the same. I'm learning to know them through the replays...

I got a long necklace of all striped carnelian beads from an Italian seller of Milan. Are about 70-90 beads, still not counted, most very small. I can get this necklace for Euro 350.

This seller is strange for me. He is a Doctor who sell beads and antiques during the weekend only for passion. Very many people appraise him and buy from him, and he has many items from auctions. He doesn't look like a doctor, but is very prepared speaking with him. He collect Mediterranean area items and he confess to me to don't know the Asiatic art even if he sells also this. I bought from him, time ago, a Warring States eyed glass beads necklace (Euro 400) and a Zhou dynasty jade (350 Euro). But they were both modern fakes. We discussed much, he asked excuse and he offered money back, but I didn't take them. Now he gives me this necklace as part of compensation and say to me this is ancient of 3rd century made with natron, he price it Euro 350, if I want... I've to decide before mid September

This is the true, I think he is honest but maybe mix the things with others. He know I will detect the fakes and I will give back it if so. Better if some expert can say his opinion

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