Ojime collection necklace - individual bead photos #1 - what material?
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Posted by: Mel H Post Reply
03/16/2014, 13:58:23

O.k., at the risk of being a pain, I would like to post some individual ojime from this necklace with some specific questions. Any information or opinion is very sincerely welcome.

First, I wonder what the material may be for this ojime. I believe it is stone of some sort, possibly petrified wood. It looks as if there may have been surface treatment applied to emphasize the contrast between the lighter and darker bands, but perhaps it is just a quality of the material. This contrasting reminds me of the light/dark contrast on Dzi beads. I am not saying I think it is Dzi, it just reminds me of that treatment.

Also wondering about this cornerless cube shape, is this a common Japanese shape? The shape is repeated in two other beads on this necklace.

Thanks again for your patience and any information you can pass on.


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