The Picard Trade Bead Museum in Carmel Valley, CA
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Posted by: Joyce Mail author
07/15/2012, 14:00:24

A few bead collectors from Northern California took a trip down to the Picard Museum yesterday. Thanks so much for hosting us, John and Ruth, and to Rosanna, for pulling us all together! Rosanna, Fred, Jaret, Carol, Janet and her husband (apologies, I did not get his name) and myself all had a really great afternoon at Picard Museum. If you love trade beads, it is an IMPORTANT visit to make. There is no place like it, as the Picards have made it their life work to collect and display all imaginable examples of beads from the African trade. I go there again and again, each time I am so glad I did.

Here's the door. Janet's dog is still waiting for her to come out!

1_picardfrontdoor.jpg (143.5 KB)  1_picardbldg.jpg (113.3 KB)  

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