Ferry's Beads - Ducks (Gooses?)
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04/27/2009, 04:02:48

Among the most desirable ancient jatim are those that feature millefiori white birds, typically with red beaks and feet. They are sometimes called "ducks." However, they could just as easily be geese, or who knows what birds. Their popularity and importance, of course, has led to they're being copied by modern beadmakers, at Jember. The following shots will present the variety of reproduction beads I acquired with this pattern. (You can see authentic ancient millefiori bird beads in my book, Magical Ancient Beads.)

This pair of beads is more or less like most such beads, having a dark backgound, with scattered birds all around. Once I had time to look around, I realized that, over time, several editions of these beads had been made, and specimens of them were available for purchase and comparison.

The single bead I show here really surprised me, because it was one of a group of beads that have the bird outlined in red glass—making the beads quite distinctive.


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