Pelangi and Zebra Beads
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04/27/2009, 04:50:10

Pelangi and zebra beads are also jatim, but are not millefiori beads. Instead, they are also derived from decorated canes, but have been striped, twisted, and combed BEFORE being constricted into individual beads.

Pelangi is Indonesian for "rainbow," and these beads are virtually always red, yellow, white, and blue. The "zebra" (pronounced by them "ZEH-bra"—not "ZEE-bruh") are simpler and only have dark blue and white stripes.

These reproductions are so impressively realistic, it would be difficult for many people to distinguish them from the authentic ancient beads. The Jombang reproductions are pretty good too—and I'll show one later.

This is all for tonight—but lots more to come.


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