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04/27/2009, 04:36:40

The Jember beadmakers create a variety of other millefiori beads, many based on ancient prototypes, but many also having features that would be anachronistic, or were made differently/inauthentically.

The first photo here shows two beads that would be imports into Indonesia (in all likelihood, if they were authentic), that would be rolled-pad beads (but here are not that). I refer to these as being of the "Mantai style," because these elaborate rolled-pad beads are known to have been found there (near India, on the NW side of Sri Lanka). I don't say this is a good nor appropriate name..., just that it is convenient. I will discuss the artificial aging of these new beads later—these processes making the beads look deceptively old, and can even be enhancing of their appearance.

The next photo presents a variety of millefiori beads with different patterns and color schemes. Since I bought these from Ferry's store, I can't say with 100% assurity that they are all Jember beads. One or a few may be from Jombang. But most are decent repros, and so are most likely from Jember.


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