Any ideas about these?
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02/20/2023, 14:29:01

Sold as Venetian, but to my eye they look like new "tributes" of this style of Venetian bead - one which I've rarely seen for sale anywhere. I've personally gotten a scant few, beat-up ones, on some mixed trade strands.

In case many of you haven't ever seen this bead, they appear on sample cards, and all the samples as well as the few I've handled, are decorated. The image is from the Sick Catalog, 1910- 1913 vintage. One of the Sick beads appears to have the same dark teal color as the plain ones. So I suppose they could be uncirculated Venetian.

I seem to recall they are known as "nail heads" or something like that - please post any info you have!

GreenNailHead.jpg (50.5 KB)  3407-1a-052.jpg (29.1 KB)  

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