Francis Greil, Venetian bead manufacturer or distributor
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03/22/2022, 04:00:14

I'm trying to find out more about Venetian bead manufacturer or distributor FRANCIS GREIL who was in business in the second half of the 19th century in Venice. I'm aware of the Francis Greil bead sample boards held at the Peabody Museum in the US and the MAAS Museum in Australia and have been in touch with the curators. There's another Greil bead sample board on Pinterest. I'm also aware Peter Francis's brief mentions of Francis Greil.
Does anyone have more information on Greil? His nationality, if he was a bead manufacturer or merely a supplier, for how long he was in business, what bead markets he focused on?
There appears to be remarkably little information on Greil, even in Venice. Can anyone out there help?
Thank you!
Barbie Campbell Cole

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