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04/21/2022, 07:06:33

Some of my articles are already available at Academia and Research Gate—where I participate. I will submit more when they are formatted for that.

I correct misinformation where I find it. It doesn't matter to me whether it's a mistake from 100 years ago, or last week.

"It seems the terms 'white heart' and 'yellow heart' have passed into common usage for both drawn and wound beads."

To quote the immortal Bette Davis—"That's what I said Bub."

"When someone decides to dig into bead history, they will encounter other terms like 'ox eye', and appreciate their relevance."

Again, this is precisely what I have already done.

I produce for people who care about accuracy and history. If people don't care (and they don't have to!), they can bypass whatever challenges them.

P.S.—I provide corrections to my friends at Paropamiso fairly often.

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