Yay! A cloisonne bat bead, at last!
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09/15/2021, 19:33:51

I've been trying to find a Chinese cloisonne bat bead ever since seeing the one in the 1975 book by the Chu couple - "Oriental Cloisonne and Other Enamels.

I have a few larger bat beads in the size of ornaments, but this is the only 15mm necklace-sized bead.

The opposite side features a peach, pomegranate, and Buddha hand citron.

The Buddha’s-hand citron, peach, and pomegranate together form a pictorial pun for the Three Plenties (Three Abundances), implying a wish for an abundance of blessings, longevity, and sons.

Motifs for Blessings

The Chinese word fu (福), translated as blessings or happiness, encompasses all that is auspicious in life. Foremost among the motifs related to blessings is the bat, also pronounced fu (蝠) but written with a different character. Many other traditional symbols for blessings, such as the Buddha’s-hand citron and the sheep, extend their cultural context to popular beliefs and the cult of Daoism.


SAM_1168_(2).JPG (119.9 KB)  ChineseCloisonneBatBeadPeachesBuddhaHandCitron.jpg (162.6 KB)  

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